Fixed Deposit (FD) Close Application English

Today we will talk about fixed deposits. And will know how to close the fixed deposit before the time limit. And what are the benefits and what are the disadvantages? And some information so that you will be able to understand fixed deposits better.

What is a Fixed Deposit? advantages and disadvantages.

When we deposit any amount in the bank for a fixed time, it is called a fixed deposit.
Some do fixed deposits to double the money and some for a few years.

Application to close Fixed Deposit

                 Mr. Branch Manager                  (Bank name, address)                 Subject – Fixed deposit to break.                  sir,                                I humbly request that I (put my name) am an account holder of your bank. Due to some personal reasons, I need to break my fixed deposit of 5 lakhs.
That’s why you close my fixed deposit and deposit the money in my savings account. The information of which is given below.

Name –
Account Number –
FD Commencement Date –
FD Expiry Date –

                           So Sir I request you to close my fixed deposit as soon as possible. For this we will always be grateful to you.

  yours sincerely

  Name – (Please enter your name)  A /C no. – (Enter account number)  Mo – (Mobile no)
 Date –         (Sign)

Or You can use this application to close your Fixed deposits

fixed Deposit Closing Application

To,    The Branch Manager,    <bank name>,    < city>
Sub:- To close FD account
Sir, I am holding a savings bank account with your branch. Due to some personal issue, I want to close my FD account of 5 lakh rupees. Please close my fixed deposit and transfer the money to my savings account. The details are given below.

Name                   –
Account No         –
Opening FD Date  –
Closing FD  Date  –
                       So, Kindly close my fixed deposit as soon as possible. I will be highly thankful to you. 
  Yours truly

Mobile No. –
Sign –

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