Pale Mask Lyrics – Yass-Waddah

Pale Mask Lyrics – Yass-Waddah


The clouds break like waves
Along the coast the twin suns
Sink into the lake
While the shadows stretch out

Strange is the night
Where black star rise
And moons never seen before
Plow the skies

Song of my soul my voice is dead
You die too silently
As never cryed tears
That wears the world

From outside and from within
Death is the corrosive agent
That reveals the terrible reality to men
Their face is nothing but a pale mask

That the sad harvester parades
To our departure
Revealing the emptiness
That it concealed

Terrible truth is the horror
That we hide inside
And we try in vain to forget
Unarmed subjects of the dark lord

We cannot escape
That emptiness emanates
As moths that fly and burn in the fire
We are destinated to fall in his hands

We are destined to sacrifice
What we hold dearest about us
On the sacrifical altar of existence
Because the cosmos his temple

Claims our lives…

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