White Range Lyrics – Knowgc 

White Range Lyrics – Knowgc 

Already spit it, be specific, said i’m ice cold
Took a chance but i ain’t living on a dice throw
Said you shining i don’t even see a slight glow
I’m living center stage, we don’t see the side shows

No bob, a minute to go off
And i like my car, sitting in garage, no top
If i wanna it, i’m a get it, gotta live it…you got it?
I don’t call em goals, i just call em new targets

Hit it, then i hit another one, here this brother come
N0body do it better under sun, are you f~cking dumb?
Yea that sh~t rhetorical, balling like the oracle
We out making history, y’all n~ggas more historical

If it’s beef, you know we gotta bury it
You can find me all over the money like harriet
I marry it, suite is presidential at the marriott

Had her then you lost her, man that sh~t is so mysterious~
I’m so good, yea i can’t complain cause the life so good
I’ma do my thing, mane, life so good

I’ma run the game, make a change, what you saying, i‘ma stand, i’m just saying
Life so good
Life so good

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