A Torch Lyrics-Sarge Lyrics-

They left with clothes in disarray
And her on the bed 15 that day
They got her drunk
They never apolagized
She kept her mouth shut the way girls should
Tried to decide just where she stood
And i was the only one to see the glowing anger in her eyes
I still wonder what went through her mind
Think she was sick to death of trying to keep quiet
And she bought a box of matches cause this flame was growing brighter every night
And she took this as a sign
That life was gonna be like this
They get their way you watch it
She’s not the first and she’s probably not the last
Then three more girls talked
Killed any doubt that she hasd any choice about
A little light inside that told her it was time to take revenge
And it was almost time

When the first spark flew i’d like to think she smiled and she carried that torch cause the stale smell of
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