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Now there’s only time to drink your last bottle And take the last train home

Time is in your face, put your cigarette out forever
I (staring at the walls) Cant wait (for the bomb to fall)

Or stand (too much alcohol)

To see what’s coming Here (now it’s curtain call)

Right now (crawling down the hall) And now (I can’t stand it all)

The room is spinning round Yeah

Now in a dream you can sing to yourself cuz no one else is around

Long forgotten hours, say your goodnights to everyone And then you can return to suburbia

I (thought I had it made) Cant stand
(but it’s been delayed)

Or face (I’m not getting laid This part I’m playing

So (I’ll pretend I’m brave) I’ll sing (like I’m not depraved)

My song (promise to behave)

But no one hears what I’m saying, now Yeah

Now all alone, you can laugh with yourself cuz everbody’s up and gone

Time is your best friend
Peel yourself up off the floor

And then you can return to never never land

I wish I had a friend Can’t wait (for the world to end)

Or stand (being here again) to see what coming

Here (gonna talk to God)

Right now (maybe get a job)

And now (but I’m still a slob)

The walls come tumbling down Yeah Down yeah, Down yeah Down Yeah
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