Outlandish walou Lyrics

Mamma please I can explain everything don’t cry
had to protect my friend from his friends
I swear – no lie
see before we knew it, the cops came
put an end to it with these handcuffs
took me down to the d___ cell
cuz I’m not a minor anymore
tough !!!
Now bail me out mom
It won’t happen again I promise
Don’t tell daddy about this
He’s working too hard to feel this

The 2nd guessing
cause u never know when the guy upstairs blessing
or testing u in sessions so be prepared for confession
we all learn our lessons someway and somehow
when u fail u bow and even if u succeed u take a bow
I’m telling u right here and right now u need to change
rearrange u whole point of view cause for me it seems strange


De la nada sale el todo
Y el todo se hace nada
Hay espirales de consejos
miles mares de palabras
pero cada ser humano
tiene su propia realidad
cada alma sigue su ruta
a diferente velocidad
por eso queridos mios
cuando muera
no extranen mi presencia
alegrias que vivimos
problemas que pasamos
aprendan de mis errores
no siempre el agua es clara
de la nada sale el todo
y el todo se hace nada

From the nothing comes everything
And everything becomes nothing
We got spirals of advices
Thousands seas of wise words
But every human being
Have their own reality
Every soul follows their route
With a different velocity
That’s why, my dear ones, when I die
Don’t miss my presence
The pleasures we lived
The problems we went trough
Learn from my mistakes
Cuz not always is the water clear
From the nothing comes everything
And everything becomes nothing

With empty palms people act empty
those who got a lot act like they don’t have plenty
so u say u getting places but u ain’t moving at all
still some race on and some sit back and wait for his call


Let me take a little moment of time
Going above them all – looking down
Wondering – I’m wondering
Why u don’t wanna be by my side
Time is flying – fly sky high
Falling down – I’m falling down
Oh what about my mom and my son lord
Anything, I did for u lord
I try to be nothing but pure
Lord have mercy on me my self and I
Should’ve never been around there
Body – cold
when I was already here
suddenly I’m out of soul
God I feel so low
and I fear to show
no matter where I go

U don’t see
U don’t feel
Beyond the walls u living in
U made me
Don’t make me
Loose the faith within me