Uniting Nations Ai No Corrida Lyrics

The way it should be

[Chorus x 2]
Hay no corrida, that’s where I am
You send me there,
your dream is my command

Hay no corrida, I found myself. No other fault. Just you and nothing else.
You and nothing else

[Verse 1]
I hold you, I touch you
In a maze can’t find my way
I think you, I drink you
I’m being served t’you on a tray
You see boy,
that’s what I go through every day
Is this the way it should feel

[Repeat Chorus X 2] [Verse 2]
Before I first saw you
each day was just another day
Night the lonely interlude just came,
then blew away
You know boy,
that’s what i go through everyday
Is this the way it shoud feel

[Repeat Chorus X 4] [Repeat Verse 1] [Repeat Verse 2] [Repeat Chorus Till End..]