Will Smith Uuhhh Lyrics

Can you feel it baby (Kel Spencer) Uh
* take me away*
Flow crazy make em say(Kel) Uh
Make it hot
*Take me away*
Flow crazy make em say Uh
Uh (ah)
Uh (ah)
Uh (ah)
Uh (ah)
Uh (ah)
Uh (ah)
Been to the mountain top down to the valley
Illadelph to Cali
Y’all feel me like harry felt Sally
Clothes exotic
Flows erotic
No jewels
That’s for them fools who ain’t got it
Wrapped to my own sitcom
Now I just sit calm
Watching y’all respond to my july 4 bomb (ooh)
Yeah I’m a nice kid
But heres some advice kid
Don’t get me hyped I set it off like my wife did
Plan down pat like Sajak
Wheel of fortune away
Price ain’t right I don’t play
Find yourself in jeopardy
The first clue
What is Will Smith?
Hot to def not you
I’m like a Porsche you a Pinto
You like a tiny figurine, I’m monumental
You like a small get together on your neighbours back porch
You know just a couple of y’all, I’m a million man march
Attack of the man in black
Like Jordan playing on a train
Yo my game on track
Mad ice
For my wife
No care for what it costed
Had to ease up though
Her wrists got frost bit
My style flavour delivery
My Addiction
Getting medieval like du in pulp fiction
You want some?
Bring it
Come one, come all come any
Watch me take there hard a way like Penny
I can take twelve rappers and put em in line
Then twelve emcees that think they can rhyme
Then twelve more brothers that still ain’t signed
Then, don’t do nuthin, just watch em decline
Gangsta hardcore menace to society
Rap’s all the same my pen spits variety
Eclecticism is a virtue
It may not be a word but it’s definitely a virtue
Rappers approaching me all across America
Believe me, “you don’t wanna battle” like Erica
I was in the game before publishing was an issue
Your platinum now, but next year I’m gonna miss you
Mad rappers like bad actors should have no parts
Wanna be mad check the charts
Any of em
Oh don’t see my name
You don’t see my spot
Heres a hint
Look closer to the top

Can you feel it baby (Kel Spencer)
* take me away*
Flow crazy make em say(Kel) Uh
Make it hot
*Take me away*
Flow crazy make em say Uh
Come on
Uh (ah)
Uh (ah)
Uh (ah)
Uh (ah)
Uh (ah)
Uh (ah)

Kel Spencer

Love N Loyalty
Yo the flow spray
Veto say
I’m trying to live
And if I catch you out of bounds its cheap shots to the ribs
Love-N-Loyalty dog do it how pac and big did it
It’s the wild wild east in me keeping me jig wit it
Play no games
Thirst to heat the rhyme
Because procrastination is the thief of time
Holding a torch
I was programmed to scorch
Can’t run with the big dogs then stay on the porch
These cats is craftmatic
Hand on the steering wheel
Rocks from the roll
Blonded oncoming traffic
Manhandle rappers
Dismantle rappers
Got lukewarm slash sweet scented candle wrappers
Any teams posing a threat we defeat those
The wealthy man is the man who knows how to keep though
As long as y’all play foul I’m a keep it in free throws
Crush spanish mummies calling me helito
Remember lego blocks
All about the paper now
I use writer’s blocks to build sky scraper style
Cats rocking the same flows every day cause they lame
True players gotta change their uniform after the game
Y’all seen the flow
Like y’all never seen before
Don’t stop for the dough
Why you think green mean go
Baby learn life’s lessons
Scratch regression
Kel Spence the truth
The answer to all questions
Come on
Will Smith: d___ Kel, you kinda good