DRAIN STORY Lyrics, bladee

Drain Story Song Details :
Song Title 🙂 Drain Story
Singer(S)/Artist(s) 🙂 bladee
Music 🙂 Whitearmor
Lyrics…. Text bladee
Released 🙂 16th September, 2022
Language 🙂 English
(Country-Originated :- 🙂 – Sweden) | Rock
Label 🙂 🙂 drain gang

DRAIN STORY Lyrics, bladee

They’re Trying To Make Me Distracted, (Distracted)
This Is Not A Diss-track, But I Don’t Like That.. (That’s Crazy)
S-spin Around Like A Nine And Give Me Whiplash, (Yeah)
C-come So Fresh, So Clean, Out Of Birdbath..

(Yeah, Hahaha, Haha, Ah, Shit, It’s Crazy)

Everytime I Follow, I’m Bound To Get Back Up, (Yeah)
You’ve Been Lying To Me And That’s Messed Up..
You Know How I Feel, Put Your Crest Up, (Crest)
Dream Inside Of A Dream, Had To Rest Up..

You’ve Been-you’ve Been Starting The Believing,
I Got The Something That You’ve Been Seeking.. (Yeah)
And I Wait For The Fall,
But This Drain Story About To Reach My Favorite Part..

I’ma Pour Up A Drink, Baby, Yes, You,
(You Know Who You Are, It’s Been Too Long..)

Walking In With The Force, Don’t Have To Force It,
Ah, Keep The Door Off The Door Hinge..
Can’t-can’t Fit In With The Normies,
Being Drainy Is A Sin, Lord, Forgive Me..

Thaiboy Goon, Shake The Room Baby,
I’m Going Crazy, Going Loose, Baby..
You Don’t Know Me, Haven’t Checked The News Lately,
I Should’ve Told You About The Trip, But I Was Too Lazy..

You Always Trying To Tell Me So Serious, But It’s A Joke, (Joke)
It’s Only Funny When We Tell It, Otherwise It’s Not Fun.. (Fun)
But It’s Only Priceless Until You Put A Price On It,
Someone Put A Price On It, So You Can’t Buy It..

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