Nations And Forever Lyrics , Lyrics Lyrical Joe

Nations And Forever Song Details:
Song Title: Nations And Forever
Singer/Artist: Lyrical Joe
Music By: Floretom
Lyrics: Lyrical Joe
Song Released Date: 4th November, 2022
Song Language: African (Swahili)
(Song from Country–Ghana)
Song Type–Rap
Music Label: 2MG Music Official

Nations And Forever Lyrics , Lyrics Lyrical Joe

I Come From Imagi Nation,
I’m Disgusted By People
That Live In Abomi Nation..

I Do Everything Now If,
You Live In Procrasti Nation..
You Won’t Need Paper To Be,
A Citizen Of Stag Nation..

Crazy Nations..
We Went Through Hell But,
We Refused To Stay In Condem-nation ..
Came From After Life To Come Live In Reincar Nation..

No Architect With Self Plan,
We Built This Domi-nation ..
Where You Love Each Other,
Go Live In Discrimination..

Take Your Culture To The Citizens Of Indoctri-nation,
But Tell Assassination Not To Kill Origi-nation..
Some People Never Wake Up They Living Hiber-nation,
And Doctors Are Making Others Citizens Of Vacci-nation..

What’s Your Nation ?
Put Your Self To A Test Everyday You..
Can Say You Live In A Self Exami-nation..

Visa To Careers Boarding Flights To Extermi-nation
All This Citizens Of Awards Who Live In Normi-nations

Like The Third Month Everything Got To Match,
I Live In Combi-nation..
More Blood To My Bloods This Nation,
Is A Do-nation..

Girl We Beautify Let’s Grow Together,
Live In Love Germi-nation..
Flower To A Flower Citizens Of Cross Polli-nations ..
You Need Organization To Live In Coordi-nation..
And Me My Light Will Forever Live In Illumi-nation..

You Rappers Get A Deal And,
Then You Leave Determi-nation..
Looking For Your Contract ?
You Will Find It In Termi-nation..

Life Is A Movie And You Die Final Desti-nation,
So When I Talk To God.
I’m Specifying The Location..

When I Come To Heaven,
I Wana Live In Rejuve-nation..
Real! No Person In My Nation,
Will Live In Imperso-nation..

I Won’t Explain My Self If This Nation Was Expla-nation,
If What You See Is Not Real Then You Live In Halluci-nation ..
We Stole Joy And Got Sentence Live In Crimi-ntion,
It’s Different Nations Identify To Us Your Nation..

Why Do We Have To Live To Die,
Cuz All We Do Is Die To Live..
Why Do We Have To Have The Poor,
Why Do We Have To Have The Rich..

Iv Been Having All This Thoughts,
Maybe It’s A Movie How We Live..
But Why Do We Think Before Act,
If God Wrote The Script..
Why Do The Poor Stay In..
Bed ?

Maybe Cuz They Don’t Have Anything,
And That Will End When They Sleep..
Cuz At-least They Will Have A Dream..

Frustration Even Anger Manager Need Therapist,
Sexual Intercourse With Urine..
We Are Always Fucking Pissed..

Just Like Money The World Is In Our Pocket,
Different Planets Are Currency’s..
Right Now We Are Spending Earth ..

If You Are Broke Every One Give You,
Space You Might Loose Your Breath..
Not Using Your Head Is Your Cup Of Tea But,
You Might Loose Your Bread..

Men Will Bake But Out Of Fakeness Men,
Will Not Enjoy The Bread..
You Build Your Castle In The Air T,
Oday Tomorrow You Loose Your Breath..

You Never Impress A Woman In This World Can You ?
It’s Telling The World That The,
World Mean’s The World To You..
Fuck Do You Mean ?

I Came With Random Thoughts On Different Things,
And I Got A Question For The..
Self Righteous Before You Answer Think ,
If God Was In Hell..

And The Devil Was In Heaven,
Would Hell Still Be A Bad Thing And..
Will Heaven Still Be A Good Thing ?

My Mind State Is A United State,
I Over See When I Over Think..
Like A Bird Up I Have Been Hovering,
Pondering Why I’m Pondering..

Like Ray Charles Trying To See,
What Steve Has Been Wondering..
Well! They Say Love Is Blind Women,
Will Always Bring The Wonder In..

My Diamonds Are For Me,
But My Diamonds Are Not For Me..
Cuz They Say Diamonds Are Forever,
And I Can Live For Me But..
I Can Never Live Forever..

We Are Married To Forever But,
Even With Divorce We Will Never Leave (Live) Forever..
I Forever Wonder What Happens If Forever Leaves Me,
I Want To Before Ever But Forever Is Forever..

Forever Is Not Forever If Forever Ain’t Forever,
Maybe Forever Will Be Rich If Money Was To Be Forever..
But Then Again Poverty Is Also Not Forever,
Maybe Forever Can Be Love But Love Will Never Be Forever..

We Want Employment Forever But,
Forever Won’t Work For Us..
What Will It Take ?
It Will Take Forever To Become Forever..

What’s Forever Is A Question But,
Questions Are Not Forever..
Answer Are Not Forver..
Humans Are Not Forever..

But Sleep,
Yeah Maybe Sleep Is Forever..
When You Die..
Wait.. No..
God Is Forever..

Nations And Forever Lyrics , Lyrics Lyrical Joe , Lyrics Official Music Video