Tez & Tone 2 Lyrics :), Tee Grizzley

Tez & Tone 2 Song Details :
Song Title 🙂 Tez & Tone 2
Album “Chapters of the Trenches” (2022)
Singer(S)/Artist(s) 🙂 Tee Grizzley
Music 🙂 Tee Grizzley
Lyrics Tee Grizzley
Released 🙂 14th October, 2022
Language 🙂 English (Rap)
Label 🙂 🙂 Tee Grizzley

Tez & Tone 2 Lyrics 🙂, Tee Grizzley

In Case You Don’t Know The Rest,
I’ma Tell You Anyway..

Tez On His Way,
Money Keep Pilin’
Multiple Sources Of Income,
He Buyin’ Houses

Hustle Good,
All Competition Through The..
Tone Got Up Front,
He Owe Tez Fourty Thousand..

But Tone Made Ninety,
Had To Tuck Something Yeah Tone Really Grimey..
Gave Tez Thirty-five K And It Took Only Couple Days,
But Tez Kept His Cool Cause His Uncle Slimey..

That Next Week He Hit Em,
With That Same Pack Like..
Since You Was Short,
Bring Ery Thing Back..

Tone Like Nigga You Tryna Play Me Like A Jack,
Lil Tez Like Play By The Rules Or Get Whacked..
Say No More Tone Took That Package Hit The Door,
He Know If You Play With Tez,
It’s Gon Get Him Sent Home..

Made His Mind Up He Ain’t Comin Back He Gone,
Make Another Ninety,
Then He Better Off Alone..
Nurse Bitch Like You Gotta Cut Dawg Off..
I Know That’s Your Uncle,
But He A Snake And He Soft..

Tez Like Listen You Make A Valid Case,
But That’s Blood So Need To
Know Your Motherfuckin Place..
She Like I’m The Reason You Got All That Ice On And,
I Can Press A Button And Make Sure That Ice Gone..

Tone On The Road,
Kickin’ Hard On The Phone..
The Troops Pull Up And
Turnt All They Lights On..

Found Pills And A Gun,
Tone Out The Game..
Fed Interview,
He Tryna Get Up Out Them Chains..

He Knowin If He Take It To Court,
He Gettin Flamed..
Tone Folded,
Gave Up A Name..

He Like Lil Tez Did It,
Lil Tez With It..
Meanwhile Tez Tellin The Nurse,
Pack Up Your Shit Bitch..

He Turn Around,
She Was Holdin Up A Big Blick..
Hit Him In His Head Four Times,
Now His Shit Split..

And Tone Can’t Tell On No Dead Nigga,
Hit Trial And Got Fivehundred Months Feds Hit Him..
The Nurse Rich And
Still Workin In The Spital..

They Don’t Even Know It,
But She Workin On Her Next Victim..
Tone On The Yard,
Body Full Of Hate..

A Nigga Walk Up To Him Like,
What Up Bro I’m Kane..
I Heard About You And..
Your Nephew Out There Gettin Cake,
It’s A Guard In Here That Said For..
A M We Can Escape..

Tone Like It Ain’t Shit To Get A Light Million,
Turned To The Guard,
That’s When Dawg Put That Knife In Him..
His Old Crew Put A Hit On Him Through Kane,
Caught Him Right,
Tone Went From The Yard To The Grave..

Caught Him Right,
Tone Went From The Yard To The Grave..
Hold Up Caught Him Right,
Tone Went From The Yard To The Grave Nigga..

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