Tipsy Lyrics , Lyrics Jacquees

Tipsy Song Details:
Song Title: Tipsy
Singer/Artist: Jacquees
Music: Jacquees
Lyrics: Jacquees
Song Released Date: 4th November, 2022
Song Language: English (Rap)
Music Label: Jacquees

Tipsy Lyrics , Lyrics Jacquees

You Know I’m Calling At 2am.
Stop Stalling Babe..
I Had One Too Many,
I Need Something To To Fall In, Babe..

This Ain’t Your Regular Ride,
Buckle Up, Follow Procedure..
You Ain’t My Regular Vibe,
You Got Me Thinking I Need You..

I’m Calling Cause,
I’m Tipsy And You Miss Me..
Please Don’t Lie,
Let Me Fall Through For The Night..

When I Hit Your Line, Hope You Ain’t Busy,
Coming To Your Crib So You Can Fix Me..
Feeling On Your Booty, Getting Frisky,
Hennessy, No Chaser, Got Me Dizzy..

One More Drink,
I Promise..
I Am Not Driving,
I Gave My Partner The Keys..

I’ll Hit You When,
I’m In The Driveway..
Empty Bottles In The Front Seat,
Ain’t No Shame In It..

Just Stay On The Phone With Me,
I’ll Be There In 15 Minutes..
Kind Of Hard To Talk Straight,
When It Feels Like The World Is Spinning..

Just Know When I Get There,
Imma Give You The Business..
I Can’t Wait To Ren-rendezvous..
I Can’t Wait To Get Right With You..

Tipsy Lyrics , Lyrics Jacquees , Lyrics Official Music Video