Cutie, Lyrics(Letra) ilyTOMMY

Life and death and love and birth
And peace and war on the planet earth
Is there anything that’s worth
More than peace and love on the planet earth?

Whoa, come on and sing it with me (sing?)
The words relate to the key (key?)
If it’s a pattern, if it’s a pattern
Then just repeat after me

Sitting in the dirt, watching steven universe
I just wanna flirt, I don’t wanna get you hurt
I can be a jerk, please don’t kick me to the curb
We can make it work, put our faces on a shirt
Sing a little song, we can make it really long

I just wanna vibe, I can do it all day long
I was headed left, so I’ll always treat you right
Knew you were the one when I saw you last night
Rubbing through your hair, I can see you really care
When you’re not around, I be wishing you were here

When I hold your hand, paramore your favorite band
I’m your biggest fan, taking pictures in the sand
Kissin’ on your lips while I’m grabbing on your hips
Can you hold me down, can you make it last a while?
Love it when you smile, looking cuter than a mile
Girl, you make me smile, haven’t done that in a while