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Unconditional LYRICS ,Vodka Juniors LYRICS ,

Alone again, facing the aftermath and feeling the cold of other people’s eyes, I ‘d rather be disguised. All I wanted to do was everything for you, but it seems once again my feelings are bleeding in the trash and…

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Terror Ltd. LYRICS ,Vodka Juniors LYRICS ,

I’ve been busting my head all day thinking of a place far away. Time spent dreaming of a life worthwhile, sensitive hearts have been sentenced to life. Not enough body bags for all them body parts, I can now see,…

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c***walk LYRICS ,Vodka Juniors LYRICS ,

Girls with plastic bodies mean nothing to me. I see them all day on the magz and tv. Your body looks great just as it is, why don’t you throw away those f****** pills and burn all them photos, burn…

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