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Paropamisadae Lyrics ,Aeternam Lyrics ,

Crown of thorns Extents to the northernmost reaches Burdened by the weight of the Persian gold Follow the path Of the One that slayed the t**an Ascend to the throne of Olympus Paropamisadae Prometheus in chains Paropamisadae The limits of…

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Colossus Lyrics ,Aeternam Lyrics ,

Royal figure crafted Dynasty that left its mark Throughout history of Men and Gods Teshub! Rise out of your grave Worshipers of rain and thunder Tarhunt! Ruler of skies Maker of the seven wonders I am eternal and bound to…

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Praetor of Mercury Lyrics ,Aeternam Lyrics ,

Mercury! Red lights eclipse the sun To Rome! Alesia! Aventinus! Called by the messenger of gods A wind of plague is blowing The stench of mass extinction The raise of a Red flag augurs Upsurging rivers of blood Surrendered by…

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