Beetlebum Lyrics—Blur Lyrics—

Beetlebum What you’ve done She’s a gun Now what you’ve done Beetlebum Get nothing done You beetlebum just get numb Now what you’ve done Beetlebum And when she lets me slip away She turns me on all my violence is…

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Death of a Party Lyrics—Blur Lyrics—

The death of the party Came as no surprise Why did we bother? Should have stayed away Another night And I thought “Well, well” Go to another party and hang myself Gently on the shelf The death of the teenager…

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Movin’ On Lyrics—Blur Lyrics—

At the music heist I met the gourmet man With aluminum lungs Sucks all we can Seek the whole world go flip In a stunt bug style With a cellulite pile But he can smile This is the music And…

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