Out of the Red LYRICS ,Goo Goo Dolls LYRICS ,

I ain’t got no outfits to pick and choose So I really ain’t got that much to lose Picture’s gettin’ fuzzy and it’s stuck on channel three And the whole thing’s lookin’ pretty silly to me Fifty thousand more and…

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Hey LYRICS ,Goo Goo Dolls LYRICS ,

  I thought about you just last Saturday My voice got cracked, I didn’t know what to say Down in the shade, or maybe in the sun And if you need it, I think I’ve got one Where are you?…

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On Your Side LYRICS ,Goo Goo Dolls LYRICS ,

I’m on a mission, baby, I’m not hearin’ what you’re sayin’ Stop preaching at me now I’m not a revelation, Superstar or new sensation I’m just hidin’ away my frowns Oh no We don’t see eye to eye On your…

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