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Taster Lyrics ,Grandaddy Lyrics ,

put out the word we need a new taster there’s one king left and so much food to eat the interception by the last one was absolute professionalism If he’s laying there saying he’s sorry tell him it’s okay we…

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Pre-Merced Lyrics ,Grandaddy Lyrics ,

We won’t forget We won’t forget We won’t forget We won’t forget And soon you will forget What it was like Before your brand new mind But behave, and be brave And of course this don’t sound right but I’ll…

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Gentle Spike Resort Lyrics ,Grandaddy Lyrics ,

And liars got that corner now And they’ve got flyers everywhere With ex-school treasures for hire And whitesnake riffs dressed up like Sid Viscosity like Sid Viscosity As lice is living in your practice room couch You’re not the only…

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