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Blindfold Lyrics ,Morcheeba Lyrics ,

Three months in here Can’t catch the tears Time never lands Our love is all that stands now Streets feel strange And longer lives can never change I’m so glad to have you And it’s getting worse I’m so mad…

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Big Calm Lyrics ,Morcheeba Lyrics ,

Nosaj the Great : Trapped in the skies What am I to do Brothers from another planet Y’all know the truth Papa was a Rolling Stone n**** Never (brouh!! ) Things I used to do with her I now do…

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The Sea Lyrics, Morcheeba Lyrics,

Flocking to the sea Crowds of people wait for me Sea gulls scavenge Steal ice cream Worries vanish Within my dream I left my soul there, Down by the sea I lost control here Living free I left my soul…

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