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Shadowkings Lyrics ,Paradise Lost Lyrics ,

A spiral movement, the ultimate mystery Will you show….will you show who you are? It’s the truth that untrue suspicion is spreading like a disease Do you know if it is real? Voices appear inside my brain Their need, to…

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Jaded Lyrics ,Paradise Lost Lyrics ,

Opaque the dissident establishment That we all suffer Refill the porous shell with words that mean so many things Words mean so many things The feeling can’t avoid you Stoking the fires of absence Loss and anguish long departed Adjust…

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Yearn for Change Lyrics ,Paradise Lost Lyrics ,

Approaching a silence, a blur of subsidence Time may heal all troubles, is that what I’ve found? Joy entices all, until death’s lonely shroud But I know it’s forever…… Praying for a change Our lives leading onwards, the essence is…

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